General Concrete Scarifier consists of engine, frame, milling cutter rotor, milling depth adjustment device, hydraulic components, aggregate conveyor, steering system and braking system.

Milling cutter rotor is the main working part of Concrete Scarifier. It consists of a milling cutter rotor shaft, a tool holder and a cutter head. It is in direct contact with the road surface and works through its high-speed rotating milling cutter to realize milling. The milling machine is equipped with an automatic leveling device, which is used for milling the rotor side cover as the milling reference plane and controlling the two positioning hydraulic cylinders to keep the given milling depth unchanged.

The hydraulic system is used to drive the milling rotor to rotate, the whole machine to walk, the auxiliary device to work, etc. Generally, a multi-pump independent closed hydraulic system is adopted, which does not interfere with each other during operation and has high reliability.

Some Concrete Scarifiers are also equipped with a tilt regulator to control the tilt of the rotor. In general, large Concrete Scarifier has an aggregate conveyor composed of conveyor belts and aggregates to transport rolled bulk materials and vehicle concrete to randomly moving carriers. The height of the transport arm can be adjusted and can swing left and right to adjust the unloading position.

Concrete Scarifier has different specifications and models, but its structure and arrangement are slightly different, but its basic working principle is the same or similar. Power transmission line: engine hydraulic pump hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder working device.

Application of Concrete Scarifier for Flooring

When milling and planing the road surface, the old materials can be recovered at the same time so as to lay new materials and transform the road surface.

Milling and planing the road surface requires repairing the partially damaged road surface to make it a square pit groove. Then the repaired seams will be neat and beautiful.

Milling and trimming road area package, oil wave, rutting and other road problems.

Concrete Scarifier can make roads with low friction coefficient rougher and safer.

Maintenance of Floor Concrete Scarifier

First of all, this machine should be operated by professionals after carefully reading the operation manual. Proper use can increase the service life of the machine.

To be on the safe side, all repairs must be carried out by qualified technicians. Moreover, the spark plug of the engine should be removed before maintenance.

It must be maintained on flat ground and the milling cutter must be checked to prevent the machine from turning over.

Check the oil level before each operation and clean the air filter after use.

Check all fasteners for tightness and parts for wear or cracking. Check the bearings to see if oil is needed.

Check belt tightness before each operation. The new belt shall be adjusted after 4 hours of operation. If the belt has traces of damage and is seriously worn, please replace it with a new belt immediately.

Proper tightness of the belt must be maintained. The two height adjustment bolts under the engine mounting plate can be adjusted to change the center distance between the motor output shaft and the center shaft of the milling cutter drum to control the tightness of the belt.

When changing the centering of the milling cutter, check the milling cutter shaft and bushing. If there are scratched grooves on the shaft, replace them with new ones.

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