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concrete truss screed machine

Are you looking for a Concrete Truss Screed that will make your concrete finish perfectly every time? Hiking’s high quality Truss Screed is ideal for any concrete project. Our professional Truss Screed can smooth your concrete pouring surface and give you a perfect ending. We sell Truss Screed that compacts, levels and completes a range of concrete surfaces such as floors, sidewalks and runways. This time-saving machine enables you to achieve professional construction in a few minutes. Truss Screed is the ideal choice for construction sites and projects that need to level off the foundation. It can enable you to achieve high productivity and efficiency.

Truss Screed is a common concrete leveler. It is usually used in various leveling, compaction and plastering works of concrete pavement. The machine adopts a central polarization system, with adjustable vibration force strength and excellent grouting and leveling effects. The machine is assembled with joints, and the connection adopts fast joints, which makes it convenient to unload and can be used in concrete leveling projects of various widths.

Concrete Truss Screed Machine Price

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concrete truss screed machine

Concrete Truss Screed  Machine(Steel Type)

2,600.00 USD

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cocrete truss screed

Concrete Truss Screed (Aluminum Alloy Type)

2,800.00 USD

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Truss Screed Benefits

  1. Truss screed is easy to assemble, provides high performance and productivity on the job site.
  1. The leveling system consists of two crank parts located at the same end of the Truss Screed for easy operation by one person. Lightweight, high-strength aluminum or steel trusses reduce weight and facilitate machine operation.
  2. The connecting plate with lubricable flange bearing provides uniform vibration and rigidity of the fast assembly part. Eccentric weights are located near the shaft bearing to prevent shaft whipping and prolong the bearing life.
  3. Completely independent devices can operate in any form, such as pipes, wood, wood blocks or metal.
  4. Truss Screeds are ideal for use on construction sites, providing maximum effectiveness and productivity each time.
  5. Vibrating Truss Screed is designed to accurately strike and consolidate 25cm/10in thick concrete surfaces. The bolted structure of the entire Screed part can be quickly assembled without special tools. The T-bolt regulator provides fast and accurate adjustment to achieve flat, crown or inverted vibrating.

concrete truss screed machine

Advantages Of Truss Screed

1) Improve the production efficiency, improve the flatness quality and efficiency.

2) high strength, compactness and durability.

3) improve flatness and flatness.

4) Save time.

5) Compaction, leveling and completing a series of applications.

6) for concrete floor, sidewalk, runway and bridge applications.

7) Provide a very flat surface.

8) The length of single rolling can reach 25m.

9) It can be set as coronal or inverted according to design requirements.

Truss Screed can extend the construction width, thus saving cost and time. It provides a better tolerance level. The output of each team increased from 200 M2 (VDF) to a minimum of 400 m2 to 800 m2. Variable width dimensions, ranging from 6 mtr. To 12 mtr. To 12 mtr. The custom team size is 8-10 people. The part of the truss ranges from about 2 to 10 feet long, with the interlock spanning the required distance, up to about 60 to 75 feet, depending on the specific machine. Manually operated or hydraulic winches are usually used to push Truss Screed along the edge form and the entire surface. Hydraulically powered Truss Screed can move at different speeds, some up to 24 feet per minute. The obvious advantage of Truss Screed is the ability to iron out larger areas at once.

Characteristics Of Concrete Truss Screed

1) This machine adopts Honda/B&G motor, with guaranteed quality, well-known brand, convenient start-up and superior performance.

2) According to different construction requirements, the total length can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing 1 meter or 2 meters of single section.

3) The spindle bearing adopts Japanese NSK imported spherical radial bearing, which has strong shock resistance and ensures the performance of the whole machine. The circumference error of the main shaft is less than 0.05 mm, ensuring the long-term high-speed rotation of the machine.

4) Transportation and storage can be packaged separately, transportation is convenient, storage space is small, and it is the best choice for small construction machinery.

5) The transport frame occupies a small space and can be used for small construction space that cannot be used by other pavers.

6) The single joint is connected by super-strong universal joint, and the arch shape or mother shape can be adjusted at 5-10 degrees.

7) that frame of the whole machine adopt all-steel structure, which is more firm and anti-seismic, can realize “strong excitation force”, improve “deep grouting and leveling effect”, and is anticorrosive and wear-resistant.

8) Manual pulley with alloy steel gear is labor-saving, durable, convenient and easy to operate.

9) Surface powder spraying, beautiful appearance, rust prevention and durability.

10) The maximum leveling thickness is 200mm and the maximum leveling span is 16m. After precise adjustment of the whole machine, the whole plane error is less than 5mm and the working speed is at least 1m/min.

11) There are 2 kinds of standard unit sections (1m/2m), the leveling span can be freely combined according to needs, and the installation and disassembly are quick and flexible.

12) Compared with the traditional simple leveling machine, it has higher construction efficiency and constant flatness, greatly improves the overall performance of concrete, and makes the concrete of the same grade have higher technological strength and stronger bearing capacity.

13) Accurate and firm high-strength steel frame and galvanized steel scraper, which will not deform due to vibration and have longer service life.

14) that two-speed hand hoist or the hydraulic self-hoist controls the transportation of the whole machine, which is convenient to operate, and the operator can easily and evenly control the transportation speed of the truss scraper.

15) If equipped with arched joints, the ground can be leveled to arched surface or sprinkled surface.

concrete truss screed machine

Common technical indicators

  1. Use concrete with strength exceeding C25 #.
  2. Concrete shall be poured to the design height at one time (it is better to directly pour structural concrete).
  3. When the slope is designed to be 1.5%-2%, the concrete thickness shall not be less than 10cm.
  4. Reasonable design of floor expansion joint position, on the basis of workshop pile foundation position, vibration beam can be adjusted to 3-12m, generally the best width is 4.5-9m.
  5. The backfill soil shall be completely compacted and the height shall be backfilled according to the slope.
  6. The slump value of commercial concrete is 120 mm ± 20 mm.
  7. The water-binder ratio of concrete is not more than 0.58, and the maximum diameter of concrete aggregate is 30mm.
  8. Concrete flatness shall meet ± 5 mm/2m (international).

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