concrete roller screed for sale

Concrete Roller Screed For Sale

The hiking roller screed machine is available in a variety of sizes and can be powered by an electric, hydraulic or gasoline engine. The concrete roller screed is ideal for use on inclined concrete levelling projects such as driveways, sidewalks, and other types of sloping concrete levelling projects, where the rotation of the roller causes the concrete to be smoothed out. The concrete roller screed compacts the concrete under its own weight, smoothing it out by rolling it without vibration, making it ideal for use on pervious concrete as well.

Concrete Roller Screed Features

Concrete roller screed is mainly used for compaction and leveling of concrete floors, and is widely used in concrete leveling projects with formwork. Compared to general concrete levelling machines, it is light in weight and easy to move and carry. At the same time, the machine mainly relies on its own rotation and rolling forward, which is very labor-saving in actual use. The operator does not need to bend down in the process of operation, and only needs to stand upright and drag the machine backward. Therefore, using it can also reduce the back and back injuries compared to some other concrete levelling tools.

Concrete Roller Screed Price & Products

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gpj-200d concrete roller screed

GPJ-200D Concrete Roller Screed

Price: 930.00 USD

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gpj-200y roller screed machine

GPJ-200Y Concrete Roller Screed

Price: 930.00 USD

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What To Consider When Shopping For Roller Screed

As with the purchase of any concrete equipment, contractors should carefully examine the project details and mechanical options before making a purchase. For construction professionals, it is recommended that contractors understand the working conditions before purchasing a tumbler. For example, whether the formwork support required underneath the tumbler is adequate. In addition, since the roller screed itself does not vibrate, the contractor will need to use a concrete vibrating plate to pre-vibrate the concrete if the project requires it.

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Classification Of Roller Screed

Roller screed is divided into three main categories: Electric, gasoline engine and hydraulic. Their main differences are.

The electric roller screed is lightweight, quiet, and easy to carry. It requires an external 220v/320v power supply and has relatively little power.

The gasoline roller screed is light and portable. The power and efficiency of the roller screed is somewhat improved over the electric model. The roller screed is noisier and has less power than the hydraulic model.

The hydraulic roller screed is more powerful, more noisy, and less portable.

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How To Use Gasoline Roller Screed

Prepare For Roller Screed

  1. After receiving the machine, please check all screws and nuts on the machine and tighten them with a wrench.
  2. Disconnect the oil line on the carburetor of the new engine. Before using the machine, please connect the oil pipe of the machine.
  3. Check whether the wiring connection of the machine is complete.
  4. Running the engine under the condition of insufficient oil will cause various damages to the engine. Therefore, after installing the machine, please check whether the oil of the machine is in normal condition.

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Inspection Method:

  • In the stopped state, place the engine (on the roller ironing machine) in a horizontal state.
  • Unscrew the oil cap to check the oil level and make sure the oil level is controlled between the upper and lower limits of the oil dipstick.
  • If the oil level is below the lower limit of the scale, please add an appropriate amount of oil. Check the oil level every 8-10 hours to ensure that the oil level is in the normal position.
  • The recommended working temperature of this machine is-15 ℃-40 ℃. It is recommended to use sae 10w-30 oil equivalent to api classification se, sf and sg.
  • Theroller screed is fueled by gasoline
  • The gasoline used by the machine is car, not mixed oil or dirty oil. Avoid mixing dirt, dust, water, etc. Into gasoline. The use of unclean gasoline will affect the service life of drum screed engines.
  • When stopping, fill the machine with petrol. The place where petrol is filled should be in a ventilated place.
  • When refueling, please avoid sparks and strictly prohibit smoking during refueling.

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Start Roller Screed Machine

  1. After installing the machine, place it on the building template, and two people hold the handles on both sides of the machine.
  2. Turn on the engine damper switch of the machine
  3. Observe whether there is gasoline in the oil return pipe of the engine. If there is no gasoline, press the oil bubble to suck the gasoline into the oil return pipe.
  4. Pull the starting rope of the machine to start the machine.
  5. Close the engine damper of the machine.
  6. Control the throttle switch and adjust the rolling speed of the machine

Stop Concrete Roller Screed

Step 1 Turn off the throttle of the machine

Step 2 Press the stop button on the drum screed engine

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How To Use Electric Roller Screed

  1. Before use, ensure that the roller is tightly connected to the connectors on both sides. Check that the drag handle is tightly connected to the connector. If it is electric, please carefully check whether the wire is in good condition to prevent leakage.
  2. Place the roller of the machine on the formwork after the formwork support specification starts filling concrete.
  3. Two operators are required to hold the handles on both sides of the machine and cooperate with each other to control the walking speed of the rolling machine forward according to the leveling degree of the concrete surface.
  4. During use, attention should be paid to the fact that the roller should always be kept on the formwork to prevent the screws on both sides from sticking to the concrete.
  5. Avoid roller screen staying at the same position for too long. In case of lack of concrete in the formwork, the machine should be shut down first, and leveling should be carried out after the concrete is filled up.
  6. After use, the drum should be cleaned up in time for reuse next time, and the power supply must be cut off during cleaning. At the same time, please note that when cleaning with water, the drive device should be removed first to prevent the drive motor of the rolling machine from being damaged by water.

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