ride on power trowel machine for saleHiking ride on power trowel reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. It has the characteristics of double disks and heavy body weight, has good compaction effect on the ground, and can quickly complete the project. Mechanical steering operating system is adopted. The polishing effect is good and easy to control. Equipped with an energized starting engine, the power is strong and reliable, and the operation is stable. The unique safety handle enables the operator to safely control and operate freely. The adjustable handle makes the operator feel comfortable and reduces fatigue. Hiking ride on trowel is now offering a big discount, welcome your inquiry!

Features And Parameters Of Each Hiking Ride On Trowel Machine

Ride on power trowel, also known as riding trowel machine, is widely used in various large-area concrete ground finishing projects. The machine is equipped with a honda & bailitong high-powered engine, which drives a high-speed reducer and polishes the ground through two sets of high-speed rotating power trowel blades. Its working efficiency can generally reach five times that of walk behind power trowel. At the same time, its weight is also greater and it has better compaction effect on concrete ground. Operators can effectively reduce labor intensity by sitting and driving the machine compared with other methods. Hiking is committed to the development and manufacture of ride on power trowel machine. At present, hiking company has developed three series of products, t series, s series and f series, manual or hydraulic steering, covering all floating and finishing applications of concrete, which can meet the different needs of various customers.

Ride On Trowel Machine Price & Products

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T80-100 Ride On Trowel Machine

T80-100 Ride On Trowel Machine

2,580.00 – 4,300.00 USD

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S80-S100 ride on power trowel

S80-100 Ride On Power Trowel

2,800.00 – 1,2000.00 USD

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F100 Ride On Power Trowel

F100 Ride On Power Trowel

4,600.00 USD

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SN80 Ride On Trowel

SN80 Ride On Trowel

2,900.00 USD

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Ride On Power Trowel Datasheet

f100 concrete ride on power trowel machine

  1. F100 Ride On Power Trowel

F100 ride on power trowel is a new product with excellent performance launched by hiking in 2020. This machine lowers the center of gravity on the basis of the original model and has better stability. The body is made of thick steel tube, which significantly improves the machine’s robustness and service life. At the same time, it also makes the machine gain more weight, which can produce better compaction effect on the floor. The machine is equipped with our company’s newly developed aluminum shell maintenance – free plus large reducer, which has extreme stability and durability.

  1. S80-120 Ride On Power Trowel

S series is a high-grade ride on power trowel produced by our company. The machine adopts a lower design with lower center of gravity and good stability. Equipped with the high-quality aluminum shell reducer produced by our company, it has the characteristics of high rotating speed and low failure rate. The machine has 30 “36” 46 “And other three sizes to choose from, and has two driving modes of mechanical and hydraulic, which can meet the different requirements of various customers for machine performance.

  1. T80-100 Ride On Power Trowel

T series polishing machine is a ride on trowel machine with high cost performance that our company withdrew from. The machine uses honda-bailitong engine as power and adopts high performance plus large aluminum shell reducer, which has good stability and durability. The machine is available in 30 “And 36” Sizes, both of which have good prices and are suitable for customers with lower budgets.

Power towel maximizes the strength, durability and flatness of concrete floors. However, timing is very important in the polishing process. Power towel’s job is to provide high-quality ground leveling and polishing by providing a hard cover on the concrete surface. This makes it hard and almost free of dust. There are two types: Walk behind power towel and ride on power towel. Each has its own advantages and should be considered according to its own needs.

s100 ride on trowel machine

How The Ride On Power Trowel Works

Ride on power trowel’s method of operation is very simple, he only has two operating levers. When the operator pushes the two operating levers forward or backward at the same time, the machine will move forward or backward. When the operating lever is pulled to the left or right at the same time, the machine will move to the left or right. When the operating lever is pulled back and forth, the machine will rotate and turn in the corresponding direction.

Compared with hiking concrete power float, ride on power trowel has higher efficiency (general efficiency can be increased by more than 5 times) and can greatly reduce labor input. Operator driving ride on power trowel is more labor-saving than walking behind power float, reducing operator labor intensity. The operation method of ride on trowel machine is very simple, but to use it to grind beautiful surfaces, the operator needs to have certain experience. Because ride on power trowel is heavy, it is easy to cause uneven ground if it is polished unevenly.

t100 ride on trowel

Frequently Questions About Ride On Power Trowel.

Buy The New Ride On Trowel Machine Or Use Ride On Trowel Machine?

Trowel machine is a machine that has been introduced for many years, so there are a large number of second-hand power trowel on the market. The relatively dominant price is generally some machines many years ago or machines that have been used for a long time. These old machines are easy to break down when in use. If you don’t have spare tools, it is easy to cause huge losses. Because the concrete needs to complete the light collection work in a short period of time after leveling, if you damage the machine at this time and do not have suitable spare tools, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, we still recommend you to buy a brand-new machine here. Of course, if your budget is too small, we also recommend you to buy a relatively new used power trowel.

Buy a Ride On Power Trowel Or Rent One?

Many people want to rent power trowel for a variety of reasons. Most of them are because non-professional concrete contractors do not use them frequently, so they want to rent one. If you meet this situation, we do not recommend buying a machine for one use here. Just remind you that when renting a machine, you must check carefully that there is no problem with the machine, and you must rent a relatively new machine to avoid problems when using it. If you are a professional concrete contractor, we still suggest you buy one yourself. Even if the power trowel costs $100 a day, a few rentals will be enough to buy a new machine. Therefore, we do not recommend that professional concrete contractors lease power trowel for use.

What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Ride On Power Towel?

Weight to power ratio of machine, drive system, easy control, blade accessibility. According to your needs, there are also different blades and pans to be used with the polishing machine. Different power trowel balde will be introduced in a later blog post. The ride on power towel allows the operator to sit on the machine and cover a larger area in a shorter time.

Ride on power towel is the most ideal choice for large-area concrete with an area of more than 560 square meters, so it is essential before the concrete solidifies. Increasing the productivity of large area concrete, due to its weight, can produce a smoother surface effect.

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