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Power trowel also known as power float, is a kind of concrete flooring machine used to finish the concrete floor. It can make the strength, durability and flatness of concrete floor reach the best effect. The purpose of using a power trowel is to polish the rough ground after leveling more brightly. Using power trowel can increase the ff value of the ground and make the ground or slab part smoother. No matter what kind of tool is used, this is the ultimate goal of the concrete trowel work step. The working efficiency of using power trowel is much faster than that of manual trowel. Most customers also have the purpose of improving construction efficiency, shortening construction time and reducing labor investment by purchasing power trowel.

Hiking power trowel has the most reliable transmission system, the highest quality components and materials in the industry. Industry standards for high performance, low maintenance and long service life have been set. The contractor is provided with reliable and sturdy machines suitable for surface treatment of newly laid large-area concrete. Accurate construction of wet concrete is carried out in warehouses, factories, floors, bridge decks, parking lots and other areas.

gn100 high speed concrete power trowel machine

Concrete Power Trowel Machine Price And Products

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W60 mini power trowel

W60 Walk-behind Power Trowel

Engine: B&S SX750/Honda GX160

Power: 6.5hp/5.5hp

Trowel diameter: 60cm

Price:2100.00 USD

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w100 power trowel machine

W100 Concrete Power Trowel Machine

Engine: B&S SX750/Honda GX160

Power: 6.5hp/5.5hp

Trowel diameter: 100cm

Price: 1,600.00 USD

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f100 walk behind power trowel

K100 Walk Behind Power Trowel

Engine: B&S SX750/Honda GX160

Power: 6.5hp/5.5hp

Trowel diameter: 100cm

Price: 1,750.00 USD

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GN100 high speed power trowel

GN100 High Speed Power Trowel Machine

Engine: Honda, B&G, Longxin

Blade diameter: 1000mm

Power: 6.5hp/5.5hp

Blade speed: 230rpm

Price: 2,300.00 USD

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Product Features Of Power Trowel

  1. The machine adopts the high-quality aluminum shell reducer produced by our company. The reducer has large-area heat dissipation fins and high-performance gears, which have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, fast heat dissipation and fast rotation speed.
  2. The machine is made of thickened steel, which is firm and durable, and at the same time makes the machine have heavier weight and better compaction effect on concrete.
  3. The surface of the machine adopts the latest baking varnish technology, which not only makes the machine beautiful and atmospheric, but also makes the machine have excellent corrosion resistance and prolong the service life of the machine.
  4. All machines are equipped with high-quality honda-bailitong engines, which provide sufficient power for the machines and make them more stable and durable.
  5. All machines are equipped with safety emergency stop devices. When your hand leaves the operating lever or your foot leaves the safety pedal of the machine, the machine will stop working immediately.

There Are Two Types Of Power Trowel: Ride On Power Trowel And Walk Behind Power Trowel.

Hiking ride on power trowel is that power trowel controlled by the operator sitting in the seat. Although they operate in different ways, their purpose is still the same. The trowel machine is important for each concrete pouring because it allows the concrete to continue to complete the concrete pouring process and extrude residual water from the concrete. Removing any excess water from the concrete can reduce the chance of concrete cracking.

The hiking walk behind power is smaller and easier to transport. Compared with ride on power trowel, its operation method is simpler, and the direction of the machine can be controlled only by controlling the height of the handle. It is also more convenient to use and can be flexibly used in some smaller concrete finishing projects. The price is also cheaper, using the heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears and knife arms in the industry.

w100 concrete power trowel machine

Advantages Of Walk Behind Power Trowel

The walk behind trowel machine may be a bit laborious compared to the ride on trowel, but it is still a very popular model. The machine is compact, flexible and easy to operate. The most important thing is that its working efficiency is dozens of times that of manual arrangement. In addition, the price is relatively low. So for some small projects, walk behind trowel machine is a good choice.

DB100 power trowel machine

How To Use The Power Trowel Machine

  1. Clean the ground to ensure no accumulated water. Then brush about 2mm thick ordinary cement as the adhesive layer.
  2. Pour fine stone concrete on the ground base of brushed ordinary cement. Paving with a small square shovel, the paving thickness should be controlled at 15 ~ 20mm.
  3. After the fine stone concrete coating is scraped flat, dry sand powder is evenly scattered on the surface about 2mm thick. When the dry sand absorbs water in a humid state, the operator can use the concrete facing trowel machine to polish the ground.
  4. In general, we need to use trowel machine for polishing twice. During the first polishing process, if there is no floating slurry or chapped in some places, please sprinkle dry sand ash or a small amount of water immediately. At the same time, the position of the inner angle should be supplemented by manual trimming. The second time, the operator should slowly move the machine from the room to the door.

The Structure And Working Principle Of Power Trowel.

This machine is mainly composed of moving handle, screw lifting, motor, worm gear box and smearing assembly. It uses a unique startup mode. The motor is decelerated by three-stage gears, and two relatively rotating output shafts respectively drive relatively rotating double shovels. Under the action of mechanical gravity, the float is pressed on the ground to complete the compaction and polishing process.

Matters Needing Attention In Operation

  1. Please check whether the motor, switch and cable meet the safety requirements before operation. And connect the cable zero line to the small box cover of the reduction gearbox to prevent electric leakage.
  2. After connecting the cable, please turn over the power trowel to make the trowel board suspended. Then turn on the switch and check whether the float rotates in the correct direction.
  3. Check whether the bolts on the trowel plate, safety cover and other parts are loose.
  4. To ensure the flatness of the ground, operators should wear flat shoes.
  5. After the work is finished, the residual mortar on the machine shall be removed in time, and the connecting screws between the trowel board and the trowel device shall be wiped clean and coated with butter for protection.

Apart from the function of power trowel, each category has similarities and differences, first of all blades. On the ride on trowel, you will see that each shovel has four combined blades. The combined blades can be used for floating and finishing operations. The combined blade has three edges, which allows it to be tiled in the floating position and tiled in the finishing position. These blades are also made of stainless steel. They are of high quality and non-blade. Power trowel sometimes comes with a millstone under the blade. The millstone is a large metal disk, which is connected to the bottom of the equipment by clamping on the shovel. Millstones are used in the early stages of trowel machine to start the polishing process on concrete floors in advance.

Hiking’s decades of experience have resulted in the industry’s best quality and lowest maintenance cost high performance walk behind power trowel and ride on power trowel series.

Compare these key components of hiking with those of any competitor, and you will find out why hiking’s power trowel can run for such a long time. For proper operation, the power trowel must maintain a precise vertical relationship between the output shaft of the transmission and the tool arm. Once this relationship is affected, the power trowel will vibrate and/or shake. In order to maintain this critical relationship, hiking spares no effort to provide the best quality power trowel.

Some contractors have found it more effective to use two machines. One is equipped with a leveling blade and the other is equipped with a light receiving blade. In this way, smoothing and subsequent trimming operations can be carried out immediately. Additional machines can also be used as backup in case of failure. If you need to buy concrete trowel machines and other types of road construction machinery, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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